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The UNICEF 4D Experience is a multisensory theater, highlighting UNICEF’s mission to help children in need.

The UNICEF 4D Experience is an interactive and multisensory theater that offers visitors a unique perspective on UNICEF’s mission to reach children in need.  During the screening, which consists of short cinematic clips showcasing some of the areas in the world where UNICEF is active, visitors are asked to collectively discuss and provide input on a series of questions to progress the movie.

The installation consists of a retrofitted sea container with a sloping seating area and multiple projector screens, beamers, heating elements, fans, lights, and fog generators, as well as a control panel for visitors to engage with, offering a one-of-a-kind immersive experience.

The Epic Unreal Engine 4 is used to drive the multiscreen movie, process input, and control the physical components of the installation, all seamlessly interfaced using a custom controller unit.

The UNICEF 4D Experience was produced by the Rooftop Content Group and I was asked to support with all the physical and interactive components, as well as the interfacing with the Epic Unreal Engine 4.

Developed for


Developed with

  • Cas Ketel
  • Rooftop Content Group


  • Custom hardware (controller) to communicate between Epic Unreal Engine 4 and various physical sensors and actuators, including player input buttons, light, smoke, and heat.
  • Custom hardware setup to control any device with a regular power socked and/or an XLR connector (with support for the DMX512 protocol).
  • Installation and testing of connected hardware.

Exhibited at

  • 2019 Amsterdam Christmas Market
  • 2019 50+ Beurs
  • 2019 Rollende Keukens
  • 2019 Rotterdam Summer Carnival
  • 2019 Lego Beurs
  • 2019 Parkpop