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A selection of projects from my Master’s program in Industrial Design and Bachelor’s program in Game Design & Development

I’ve worked on a variety of smaller (research) projects during my studies, of which a selection thereof can be found below. Further information or detail on these projects is available upon request.


GoShare is a system designed to improve sharing behavior of go-karts among peers at the playground. Many Dutch elementary schools only have a small collection of ever-popular go-karts, which often leads to a few children occupying the go-karts for extended periods. To stimulate sharing and negotiation behavior children are given tokens that represent one of the various types of fuel. Periodically each go-kart will require different combinations of fuel, which prompts children to form couples, begin negotiations, and make agreements with peers. A thematic analysis of the observations collected with and without the GoShare system shows an increase in collaborative play and an increase in the number of children able to occupy the go-karts during each lunch break with the system installed.

Bunpou Blocks

Learning a new language can be tough, especially when the grammar significantly differs from the languages we are familiar with. For western language learners, Japanese is an example of a language that introduces a different word order and style of conjugation. To make the learning process more intuitive and fun I’ve created Bunpou Blocks, a set of physical puzzle-like blocks that slowly introduce the student to Japanese word order and conjunction as well as feedback to help fix incorrect sentences.


Enlight is a portable light show for home use. It colors the wall based on real-time audio spectrum analysis mixed with data collected by the integrated camera, which tracks the hand movement of visitors. This way every party has an adaptive and personalized light show that entices visitors to dance.

Various digital Games

During my years as a game design and development student at the University of the Arts Utrecht, the Netherlands – including my internship at Sticky Studios in Utrecht – I’ve worked on various 2D and 3D game projects. Some of these projects were commissioned by external parties, including Guerilla Games and Vodafone.