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Nekodo is a boardgame about the many dangers that domestic cats face when roaming around their neighborhood.

Nekodo is a board game for up to 4 players in which cats explore their neighborhood, expand their territory, and bring back home a variety of gifts to please their owners. The outdoors is an exciting place, with many wonderful areas to visit and things to bring home, but certainly not without danger. Cars, dogs, catnappers, and even other cats are among the forces that could ruin a perfect hunt or the expansion of your territory! The player who manages to get the best gifts home while steering clear of these dangers may be crowned the winner. 

Nekodo is currently in development and this project page will be updated once published.

Project Details

Developed with

  • Haruno Ito

Responsible for

  • Game and level design
  • Producing fiches and cards
  • Play testing and revising tools